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NALS of Atlanta

NALS of Atlanta is committed to enabling members to provide the absolute best in all aspects of legal support services.

Leslie C. Keys, PLS
President, NALS of Atlanta 2013
Weinberg, Wheeler, Hudgins, Gunn & Dial, LLC
3344 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 2400
Atlanta, GA 30326
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What is NALS of Atlanta?

That is a question we are asked frequently.

A rather simple answer is that NALS of Atlanta is the local chapter of NALS®. But that just raises another question: What is NALS? Does "NALS" stand for something?

Well, if the question means to ask if "NALS" is an acronym--i.e., are the initials N.A.L.S. short for some word or phrase--then the answer is no.

But that is not the way members of NALS answer that question. When asked if NALS "stands for something," our answer is an unqualified yes! NALS members promote professionalism, excellence, education, and ethics. These are the principles for which NALS and NALS members stand.

NALS® is a multi-level association, with many opportunities for participation. National conferences, regional conferences, state conferences, and local meetings all offer the opportunity to further your continuing education.

NALS of Atlanta is fully dedicated to the national goals of maximizing the potential of all legal support personnel through a program of certification, continuing education, professional development programs, and cooperative networking with others in the profession.

We developed this Web site to further these goals. In order to foster education and professional development, there is information about NALS® membership and upcoming meetings, as well as a link to our interactive calendar of upcoming events.

To support the growing network of dedicated legal support staff, there are links to information from our Region 4 director, to our neighbor chapter, Cobb County Legal Secretaries Association, and our state chapter, NALS of Georgia, as well as a master link to the Web site of the national organization.

Also, as a service to all in the North Georgia legal community, we have compiled a directory of links to the Web sites of the courts for four Atlanta metropolitan counties. You will also find links to the clerks of those courts (where available), to selected federal and appeal courts, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

NALS of Atlanta--making a difference!